Enterprise Podcast Services: Secure and Easy to Use

With Hubhopper create, publish, manage and measure your corporate audio podcasts at scale with an all-in-one platform built for your enterprise podcast needs.

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The podcast solution trusted by hundreds of industry leaders worldwide

We’ve helped some of the largest organisations and brands to create, host, promote and scale their podcast vertical and efficiently manage their audio content.

Modernize Your Business Communications

Bring the power of podcasts to your business


Podcasts make an ideal training tool for today’s workforce, providing on-demand access with the knowledge employees need.

Internal Communications

A personal voice gives power to your messages and offers a more efficient way to get information out to your teams.

Branded Podcast

Podcasts are a highly effective marketing channel to grow your business. Build trust as an industry leader.

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Why companies need a Secure Podcasting Solution?

Accessibility without Sacrificing Security for Your Internal Content

Encrypted Data

Enterprise podcast data undergoes encryption both in transit and at rest, ensuring top-tier security. Your podcasts are securely stored in encrypted AWS S3 buckets and transit via HTTPS over TLS.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Cultivate a collaborative B2B environment by offering a secure podcasting solution. Facilitate smooth communication among employees, departments, and partners, enhancing engagement through interactive and dynamic content sharing.

Access Control

Utilizing multiple levels of roles and group segmentation guarantees that the right individuals have the appropriate permissions to access your enterprise podcasts. Various admin roles enable precise control over actions within your account, and groups simplify the management of content access.

Personalized Content for Employee Development

A secure podcasting solution enables the delivery of tailored content, boosting engagement by addressing specific interests and requirements for skill development.

Detailed Enterprise Podcast Statistics and Analytics

Understand Your Podcasts’ Performance, Measure ROI

✓ Comprehensive podcast statistics and charts

✓ Engagement Intel: Second-by-second consumption analysis and individual-level listening data

✓ Offering integration with your LMS or other systems via API for listening credits and data reporting and analysis

Reliable and Scalable Enterprise Podcast Solution

Hubhopper hosts 175K+ episodes and serves millions of downloads daily. We bring our 7 years experience as a top podcast host and work with hundreds of the world’s top organizations to serve your enterprise podcasts with the highest level of reliability and easy scalability

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HT smartcast

HT Media partnered with Hubhopper to launch HT smartcast, their audio vertical, to stay relevant in the evolving media landscape with 24 Podcasts

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